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Penthouse Floorplan

Inside Area

158sq m, 1700sq ft


and Bathrooms


6m x 6.2m/4.8m

Bedroom 1

4.4m x 4.1m approx


6m x 6.2m/4.8m

Dressing Room

2.18m x 2.53m

Ensuite (Bed 1)

2.95m x 2.35m

Outside Area

10.9sq m, 117sq ft

Bedroom 2 (excl wardrobe)

4.1m x 2.9m approx.


7.9m x 1.4m

Bedroom 3/​Study

3.63m x 2.69m (max)

Shower Room

2.17m x 2m

The floorplans shown are a modular design, allowing additional space to be added or removed as required.

For further details please contact us.